Penn Win Expected Today; Injuries Sideline Stahura

McLaughlin Also Faces Inaction During Game

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 1--A steady penetrating rain has been soaking the City of Brotherly Love for the past day and promises to continue through tomorrow afternoon. With Penn's Franklin Field thoroughly drenched, it is unlikely that the Crimson's Walt Stahura and Dick McLaughlin will see any action in the game this afternoon.

With these two starters unavailable, and the services of guard Hal Anderson still indefinite, the varsity would appear to be headed toward certain defeat at the hands of a rugged Penn squad which although still looking for its first win, is a far better team than its record would indicate.

There are, however, several complicating factors. "We're in awfully tough shape," says Penn coach Steve Sebo, and that sums up the situation quite accurately. Barney Beringer will be absent from his right end slot and Tony Capuano will not be available for duty at left guard Both were starters against Navy last week.

In all, Sebo estimates that he has thirteen players who are "not up to par," including Frank Riepl and Dick Koze. Sebo does not expect either player to see action, especially since the weather will make running quite treacherous for two sprinters.

For the same reason, Coach John Yovicsin will probably not use McLaughlin and Stahura. McLaughlin dressed for practice this afternoon, but did not work out with the team. He did some easy jogging, and it will be entirely up to the physicians whether he will see action tomorrow. Stahura, although here with the squad, did not dress for practice.

Replacing McLaughlin at quarterback will be inexperienced Ron Johanson who saw limited action in the closing minutes of the Dartmouth game after injuries had idled both Stahura and McLaughlin. He looked good on several pass plays but showed a clear lack of experience.

With Stahura out, Bill Crowley will receive the starting assignment at right halfback. He showed much promise in pre-season practice, but until this last week's drills, gave little indication of fulfilling it. Tomorrow will be his first starting opportunity. Chauncey Walker will start at right guard replacing Anderson, also injured in the rough Dartmouth contest.

With rain expected to fall throughout the day, the straight bread-and-butter plays which grind out yardage in small chunks will probably decide the outcome of the game. Penn's flashy sophomore halfbacks, Fred Doelling, John Hanlon, and John Terpak will probably give way to the fullback thrusts of John Wright and Dave Sikarski. Wright opened the season at halfback but was switched to the fullback spot when Terpak, Hanlon, and Doelling showed well in early games.

Sebo is not yet certain of his starting quarterback. It will probably be sophomore Tom Twitmyer, although Hal Musick might get the assignment.

For the Crimson, rounding out the backfield with Johanson and Crowley will be Chet Boulris at left half and Sam Halaby at fullback. Halaby was the varsity's leading ground-gainer against Dartmouth and much of the Crimson's hopes will rest on his hard shots at the line.

Penn holds an edge in backfield power while the Crimson, led by tackles Pete Briggs and Bob Shaunessy, and ends Hooper and Copeland, will have a slight advantage up front.

The combination of a muddy field and damaging injuries to both squads, will make the game a close one, although a slight edge has been given to Penn, eager for its first win of the year and playing before a partisan Homecoming Day crowd