UN Ends Turkish-Syrian Debate As Syria Withdraws Complaint; Russia Purges Zhukov's Friends

The Associated Press

UNITED NATIONS, N.Y., Nov. 1--The U.N. abruptly ended its debate on the Turkish-Syrian crisis today after Syria announced it was ready to leave the problem for the present without any action.

Syria's decision was part of a formula worked out behind the scenes, to avoid a showdown in the bitter two-week discussion.

A seven-nation group acted similarly on its own counterproposal to put Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold into the situation, if needed, as a mediator.


At a news conference later, Syrian Foreign Minister Salah Bitar declared that Syria was endangered as long as Turkish troops concentrate near the Syrian-Turkish frontier.

Zhukov Exile Likely


LONDON, Nov. 1--Reports from Moscow tonight said Soviet armed forces are being purged of powerful friends of ex-Defense Minister Georgi K. Zhukov and the marshal himself is likely to be exiled to a remote military job.

Already, according to reports reaching Belgrade, he has been expelled from all his positions of power--from the top-level party Presidium, the party Central Committee and the Defense Ministry job.

Rackets Probe

WASHINGTON, Nov. 1--Merlyn Pitzele acknowledged today before the Senate Rackets Committee that he collected $15,000 as a Teamsters Union adviser while serving on the New York State Mediation Board and as labor editor of the magazine "Business Week."

Pitzele was President Eisenhower's labor adviser in the 1952 campaign. He also advised Thomas E. Dewey when the former New York governor sought the presidency in 1944 and 1948.