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NATO to Hold Summit Meeting Despite Sickness of Eisenhower; Spanish Forces Attack Morocco


PARIS, Nov. 28--NATO nations decided today to go ahead with next month's summit meeting even if ailing President Eisenhower cannot attend. A communique from NATO's permanent council said, "We learn with regret that President Eisenhower will be prevented from attending the NATO meeting on December 16-18."

The White House, however, said Eisenhower's recovery from a slight stroke had been so rapid that he may yet go to Paris. The NATO Council seemed to take it for granted that vice-President Nixon will sit in for Eisenhower, saying, "We learned with satisfaction that vice-President Nixon will lead the American delegation."

In Washington, Nixon said only that he would be ready to substitute for Eisenhower, and that Eisenhower would decide who makes up the U.S. delegation. Members of the Council did not mask their concern that Eisenhower, one of the principal builders of NATO's military strength, might not be present. But they were determined to go ahead with the plans for the greatest show of western solidarity since NATO was born.

Prince Charges Spain With Aggression

RABAT, Morocco, Nov. 28--Crown Prince Moulay Hassan today charged Spanish forces with attacking Moroccan territory from the hills of the rebellious colony of Ifni, and ordered the royal army to shoot back.

His announcement, made in an Arabic broadcast, said two women had been killed by shells fired by Spanish troops. He declared the army he commands as chief of staff is ready to defend its territory against anyone.

He also indicated that Morocco intends to put up a struggle for the oil and mineral riches of South Morocco, still a Spanish protectorate. He called this territory south of Ifni "our door opened on the Sahara."

Macmillan makes Pledge

LONDON, Nov. 28--Prime Minister Macmillan disclosed to Parliament today a British pledge to send no more arms to Tunisia without consulting the French. However, he did not rule out more arms for the former French protectorate.

He gave the House of Commons his first review of the talks this week with Premier Felix Gaillard of France in Paris on the U.S.-British arms shipments that angered France. "We confirmed that no further arms would be sent from the United Kingdom to Tunisia without continued consultation with the French government," he said.

Hammarskjold Plans Trip

UNITED NATIONS, N.Y., Nov. 28--Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold announced today he will definitely visit Amman, Jerusalem and Damascus on his new Middle East peace mission.

The secretary general is making the trip in an effort to ease new Arab-Israeli tensions which have developed in the last two weeks

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