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Upperclassmen to Receive First Asian Flu Inoculations

By Alan H. Grossman

Upperclassmen living in the Houses will begin receiving Asian Flu inoculations on Thursday, according to John B. Butler, Executive Assistant to the Director of University Health Services.

Butler said that the full inoculation program would be carried out despite "adverse conditions," including lack of space and shortage of syringes and needle equipment.

"Our lack of space is further proof that the Health Services needs new and better quarters," Butler said. He explained that the need for a new Health Center is "most apparent" during large inoculation programs and periods of widespread illness.

However, Butler last night disagreed with members of the medical staff who had called for the purchase of additional syringes and needle equipment. "From an administrative standpoint, it is not desirable to buy all the equipment needed for ideal conditions," he said. "It is not a good use of the students' money."

Butler pointed out that the Asian Flu inoculations are a "crash program," and that the excess equipment would probably not be used enough to justify its purchase.

The schedule of Asian Flu Inoculations for undergraduates, graduate students, and others is given in this morning's Notice Column.

The Law and Business School Health Services last week cooperated with each other to work on a staggered inoculation schedule, so that their equipment supplies could be pooled.

Butler said that the freshman vaccination program "is almost completed," with about 60 to 65 per cent of the freshman class already inoculated. "Although these results are good, we expected more freshmen to take shots," he commented.

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