Director of Advanced Standing Will Quit to Teach at Williams

Wilcox Successor

Harlan P. Hanson, Director of the Advanced Standing Program for the College, disclosed yesterday that he was resigning his position on Dec. 31 of this year to accept a position as an assistant professor of German at Williams next year.

Edward T. Wilcox, at present Associate Director of the Bureau of Study Counsel, has been appointed as the new Director.

Hanson said that he was not resigning for financial reasons. "The salary isn't any better at Williams, but I've been in and out of University Hall since 1949 and I'd like a new atmosphere."

Hanson has headed the Advanced Standing Program since it began here three years ago. He commented that "The Advanced Standing Program has gotten off to a new start, but it is time to introduce a new director with a new point of view, before things get bogged."

The Advanced Standing Program, Hanson noted, began at Harvard at the same time it started in the rest of the country, and it has grown elsewhere as it has here.

Seventy-four colleges now have advanced standing programs. The program at Harvard has grown from an original 39 students admitted with Advanced Standing to the 178 admitted this fall. Thirty-one of this year's group received sophomore standing.