Wagner and Meyner Score Wins In New York and New Jersey; Gaillard Elected French Premier

NEW YORK, Nov. 5--Democratic Mayor Robert F. Wagner won reelection tonight by a smashing margin over Republican Robert K. Christenberry, who ran with President Eisenhower's backing.

With three-quarters of the vote counted, Wagner led by about 700,000 votes.

Wagner claimed victory at 9:20 p.m. Christenberry conceded defeat a short time later.

Returns from 3,426 of 4,613 election districts gave: Christenberry 438,078; Wagner 1,132,489.

Wagner told newsmen at his Hotel Biltmore headquarters he had been reelected by "the greatest vote" ever given any administration in New York City.

Meyner Reelected

NEWARK, N.J., Nov. 5--Democratic Gov. Robert B. Meyner of New Jersey was re-elected to a second term tonight.

Meyner led Republican State Sen. Malcolm S. Forbes by 155,000 votes with slightly more than half the ballots counted. Only a year ago President Eisenhower carried New Jersey by 760,000 votes.

Forbes, who ran as an Eisenhower Republican, conceded defeat at 11:12 p.m.

Meyner, who aimed much of his campaign at the Republican and independent vote, ran far ahead of Forbes in Democratic counties and whittled Republican majorities far below normal.

New French Premier

PARIS, Nov. 5--Felix Gaillard tonight won approval as France's 24th postwar premier. The victory came on Gaillard's 38th birthday and gives him the distinction of being the youngest premier in French Republican history.

The unofficial tally of the National Assembly's vote on Gaillard was 330-176. Gaillard is a member of the Radical Socialist party. It sits just about in the center of the Assembly and has supplied a good share of the postwar premiers because of its strategic location.