Houses Name Members to Council; Freshmen Elect Jubilee Committee

Six Houses elected their student council representatives yesterday. The Freshman class also completed balloting for the Jubilee Committee, and nearly elected Councilman Al Vellucci on a write-in campaign.

The winners of the House Student Council elections included: Dunster House, Paul A. Wee '59; Kirkland House, Paul E. Freehling '59; Leverett House, Daniel M. Fox '59; Lowell House, David M. Perlmutter '59; Winthrop House, King K. Holmes '59.

Adams House will hold its elections Thursday. In a last minute switch Eliot House postponed its election until today due to a change in candidates.

The freshmen chose ten Jubilee Committee members out of a field of 25 nominees. Vellucci ran 13th on write-in votes in response to his statement that no one at Harvard votes for him.

Winners included: Thomas N. Blodgett, David C. Campbell, Frank A. Crosson, Paul H. Epstein, Charles R. Halpern, Todd G. Lee, Gilbert W. Merkx, Richard J. V. C. Pescosolido and Roger D. Zeeman.

Last week the University police squelched an attempt to put Vellucci's name officially on the ballot. Signs in the Union urging his election were removed.