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NATO Conference Accepts Missiles For Western European Defense; Indonesia Pressures Foreigners


PARIS, Dec. 19--The NATO conference adopted a nuclear-age defense strategy of U.S. design today to meet the Soviet menace.

The 15-nation Atlantic Alliance also offered in a windup communique to meet the Russians on the foreign minister level to discuss disarmament, an issue now stalled in the United Nations. British sources suggested later that other issues also might be discussed.

The final communique called for full speed ahead in equipping NATO with nuclear stockpiles and intermediate-range ballistic missiles.

The U.S. weapons are expected to begin moving to NATO nations within a year or 18 months. Base sites will be negotiated. This leaves such reluctant nations as Norway and Denmark free to refuse the missiles.

Indonesian Army Tightens Up

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Dec. 19--The military today put the first squeeze on non-Dutch Western business in Jakarta since the onset of the angry dispute with the Netherlands over West New Guinea.

About 300 American, British, French, Belgian and other Western businessmen were told they must surrender a fourth of the houses they own in Jakarta.

The action appeared to reflect what many say is a sharp decline of U.S. prestige in Indonesia.

President Sukarno told a visiting U.S. congressman: "Indonesians are slipping into the Communist camp since America has consistently refused to help us over West Irian. If the United States backed us, I could guarantee our entire nation would be pro-American overnight."

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