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Radcliffe freshmen were baffled Tuesday night when mysterious Valentine messages appeared in their mailboxes.

One anonymous Romeo, under the pseudonym "Piano Red" pleaded, "Dorothy, my valentine, let the touch of thy finger thrill my life's strings and make the music mine and thine." "Zoe, my valentine," received a briefer message: "Let your love see me even through the barrier of nearness," from "Daphnis."

Another, from a ficticious George Metesky, whose initials appear on several of the love poems, read: "Maiden, thy beauty is like a fruit which is yet to mature, tense with an unyielding secret."

Every member of the freshmen class received with her name on it a message similar to these, although several were duplicates.

Pseudonyms ranged from "Washboard Sam" to "Elmirsemirfermir Moustapha pasha" to the more obscure "A & B."

No one seems to have taken notice of the young men who entered the dormitories early Tuesday evening to distribute the notes.

Because the messages appeared on the evening of the Dunster-Up mixer in Moors Hall, rather than on Valentine's Day itself, some of the recipients have postulated that their secret admirers reside in D-House. Others are sure it must have been a group of Harvard freshmen.

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