Seven Plus One m

Lebensraum. To a great extent that's what the new House will mean. Fewer strained feelings per square foot and an escape from the barbarism of bunk beds.

An eighth House will probably also mean an increase in enrollment, which eventually may neutralize its original therapeutic effects, and it will unavoidably mean a split system of housing--a choice between an elaborate old room and a utilitarian, and more private, new one. The differences between the old Houses and the new will spell disparity, one way or the other, in most students' eyes, and may create problems for the Administration which it doesn't yet anticipate.

The new House can't have the entry system, or fireplaces, or private baths. Without the insurance of period design, it may be like a horse-hair sofa today, an object of horror thirty years hence. And it may have the acoustical virtues of a giant tuning fork like that Great Mistake, Harkness Commons. But for all that, we're glad its on the way. Lebensraum.

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