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Barbara Ward said last night that pro-Communist opinion in Asia may be largely explained by an "enormous imperial hangover" and "Russia's skill in not asking the Asians to take sides." The British writer and editor, a recognized authority on economics and world affairs, delivered the second of her lectures at New Lecture Hall on "America's Impact on a Changing World."

She explained that the Asians "have bitter memories of bing used as pawns in a power struggle" and that a new policy, renouncing "the old-fashioned principle of smash and grab, is absolutely inescapable."

"Since the war we have been improvising our policy," she continued. "The British have proved in the last six months that you cannot muddle your way through everything."

Miss Ward indicated that the most effective means of diplomacy towards the uncommitted areas of the world is unconditional, long range economic aid. She called the Marshall Plan "one of the most brilliantly successful pieces of diplomacy of all time."

Calling for an improvement in our "haphazard" granting of aid, Miss Ward emphasized the need for a permanent administrative staff. She merited the old colonial system with "putting trained men, who are able to speak the natives' language, in the field for a lifetime. Although I am not asking for a new colonial service, a definite administrative staff is needed."

Miss Ward attributed much of the present Suez crisis to the State Department's "complete rebuff" of President Nasser "I am still unconvinced that he wants to become a satellite in the Soviet orbit."

She pointed out that the Arabs consider the State of Israel "an importation of the West."

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