CRIMSON Still Has Openings in News, Business

The difficulty of a CRIMSON competition is usually exaggerated. Although hard work and previous experience is some-what helpful, all that is really needed is a modicum of imagination and perseverance.

Working on the news board offers a chance to improve the quality and speed of one's writing (a valuable asset on exams and papers) and an opportunity to meet Administration and faculty members.

The business board gives prospective full-fledged members of society an opportunity to gain business experience before entering the coldness of the outside world.

Both boards offer membership in an organization doing a worthwhile job, where one can daily bask in the results of his efforts. The CRIMSON offers challenge enough to produce people like James Bryant Conant '14 and Franklin D. Roosevelt '04, both presidents of the CRIMSON who went on to become presidents of other worthwhile organizations. But one can also relax in the democratic excellence of the many social functions.

If interested for any or all of the above reasons, or by the free beer, drop over to the CRIMSON, 14 Plympton St., Monday evening at 9 p.m. to see if either the news or business boards will provide your most valuable Harvard activity.