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All teams suffer comparison with their predecessors, and it appears that this year's freshman wrestling team will suffer much. Last year's Yardlings were undefeated, and have become the nucleus of the varsity. This year's freshman team appears to be one of the weakest in years, for it lacks both depth and outstanding individual performers.

Possibly the outstanding wrestlers on the squad have been Bob Kozol, at 123, John Watkins, at 130, Serge McHann, and Steve Weddle at 167, and Ted Robbins at heavyweight.

Kozol Alone at 123


Kozol, who wrestled at Andover, has been showing steady improvement, but as in several other weight classes, he is the only contender, and if something should happen to him, Coach Johnny Lee will really be "hurtin'."

Watkins looks like the best prospect on the team, combining speed and ability. He was runner-up last year in the New England championships.


Inexperience at 130

The 137-pound class, on the other hand, appears one of the weakest, as neither Tom Bertone nor Dick Steinzig, both natural 130-pounders, has much experience. Bertone in particular shows a great deal of natural ability, which could be developed before too long.

John Vernaglia at 147 and Rocky Whitman at 157 are the only men in the respective classes, creating a situation similar to that at 123. Vernaglia is strong and has potential, while Whitman needs a lot of work especially on his holds.

Seesaw on 167

McHann and Weddle are exceptionally close together at 167, Weddle having beaten McHann for the right to wrestle M.I.T. McHann, however, has beaten Weddle.

Pete Rodgers is the lone representative at 177, and he too must show a great deal of improvement if this is to become a winning division.

Heavyweight Strength

Heavyweight Ted Robbins won the New England championships last year, but seems to have suffered by lack of competition. He is a comparatively seasoned wrestler with everything but speed.