Council Delegate Proposes Policy Of Uniform Rents

Lack of Quoroum Prevents Effective Action by Group

A uniform rent system to be instituted after the eight House is built, was suggested last night at a poorly-attended meeting of the Student Council. The group was prevented from taking effective action on most of the items on its agenda by the lack of a quorum for a good part of the meeting.

The rent suggestion was made in a general Council discussion on student ideas for the new House, which Dean Bundy had requested last week. Vice-President Carl S. Sloane '58, acting President in the absence of hospitalized Larry R. Johnson '58, said that "some people in the University are talking of making rooms one price."

Other suggestions were the retaining of the entry system, the building of activity rooms in the basement of the new House, an elimination of bunk beds, and the creation of a grill and more music rooms.

The Council was prevented from taking action on the report of the food committee, since that group's chairman, Theodore D. Moscowitz '58, did not comply with the Council's request last week that he be present last night with his report.

As the group began to discuss the revision of undergraduate organiation rules, one member left to study for an hour exam, and destroyed the quorum.

Although one member then complained that "we can't even make a motion to adjourn," Sloane closed the meeting after he suggested that the members consider the formation of a "pen pal system."

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