Band Reports Cockroach Migration As Union Exterminations Increase

'Crawl Under Doors'

Cockroaches have been appearing more frequently in the Freshman Union dining hall.

A member of the Union's kitchen staff yesterday admitted that the frequency of visits from the exterminator sent by the University had increased. The exterminator, who usually exterminates once a month, has done work at the Union for two weeks in a row.

The insects do not get near the food, Union officials asserted, but are attracted by vapors and congregate under the stoves.

The Band room, at 9 Prescott St., has also been infested by roaches. Kenneth H. Lang '58, band manager, emphasized that the bugs came there by accident. "Cockroaches originate in filth," he said, "and the band room is clean."

Alan S. Novins '59, assistant band manager, charged that the cockroaches had crawled under the Union basement door into the neighboring Band office. He stressed that an exterminator for the Band's headquarters could not get at the source of the trouble.


The House dining halls seem relatively free from the insects. The manager of the Adams House hall emphasized its cleanliness, and stated that he could not remember seeing any cockroaches there.