Corporation Choice Of Football Mentor Today Held Unlikely

Speculation that the Corporation will select a football coach at its regular meeting this morning received little support last night from University officals.

Thomas D. Bolles, Director of Athletics, said last night that "I hardly think there will be any decision" today. He declined to comment on whether the Corporation would actually take up any recommendations from the Faculty Committee of Athletics.

Dean Leighton, a member of the Committee, also refused to predict what, if anything, the Corporation might do.

Boston sportswriters have speculated continually since the dismissal of Lloyd Jordan, apparently making every person whom Bolles interviews a "strong contender" for the position.

Inside dopesters seem to consider Crimson backfield coach Josh Williams the "strongest" contender. Williams has the backing of the football team, and it is thought that the Faculty Committee made some offer of a one year contract, which either Williams refused or the Corporation disapproved.


Other contenders supposedly include Phil Cutchin, quarterback coach at Texas A & M; Davey Nelson, head coach at Delaware; George Lynn, backfield coach at Stanford; and Chief Boston, University of New Hampshire mentor.