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Await Committee Report


Student Council President Larry R. Johnson '58 said at last night's Council meeting that the executive committee would recommend to the Administration that the HYRC election be postponed if the action of the special Law School Committee did not meet with Council approval.

Johnson added that if the report were not made by Tuesday night or if either the report's recommendations were not accepted by the club, or if the Council did not agree with the report's findings, that Dean Leighton would be strongly urged to postpone the election. The HYRC Constitution permits posponement of the election until March 15.

Council member William J. Dean '59 proposed that a full Council meeting should be held to examine the report of the HYRC investigating committee, if the report were received early enough to make examination feasible. The motion was passed.

The Council also voted to hold a college-wide referendum asking whether students think that Harvard should continue membership in the National Student Association. The referendum will be held on April 18, and will be preceded on April 17 by an open forum.

The result of the referendum is not binding on the Council, although Council Secretary Merom Brachman '58 said an overwhelming vote either way would strongly influence the Council to alter Harvard-N.S.A. relationships. The vote, however, is expected to be close and sparse.

Total contributions to the Combined Charities Drive were reported to be $7200 as compared to about $10,000 last year. One reason given for the lower figure is inadequate canvassing, especially in the Yard. Funds, however, are not completely in, and $2100 had also been contributed last fall to be given to WUS for Hungarian relief.

A permanent Student News Bureau committee was proposed to aid the University News Service gather information about students for home town newspapers.

Carl Sloan '58, Council vice-President, reported a list of nine items to be included in the guide book to be sent to incoming freshman. To be included is advice on clothing, cleaning, room accoutrements, free entertainment, snacks, school supplies, travel, banking and personal services. The report will not mention any individual firms, since such information can be obtained from the Registration issue of the CRIMSON.

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