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By Bryce E. Nelson

The Harvard Law School Forum last night answered its discussion question, "What's So Funny?" in the form of one of the panelists, Al Capp.

Capp spent his time answering audience questions. In many of these he was able to express his political preferences. He thought both Oliver A. Yabook and Al Vellucci equally good, equally progressive candidates for the City Council.

He carried his political opinions over into his own comic strip field. Capp flatly declared that "Orphan Annie is not a Communist," but was not so favorable to other strips. He revealed that eight weeks from now Daisy Mae's favorite comic strip will appear in "Li'l Abner" entitled "Mary Horm, America's Favorite Busybody." He described "Rex Morgan, M.D." as the comic strip that tells you how to enjoy leprosy, rather than how to cure it.

After remarking on the low intellectual quality of his audience, Capp explained his technique: "I always write to people before I disembowel them." He says that one of the disemboweled, Liberace, sent him a Valentine which thrilled him. But Capp's main theme, however, was fluoridation, which he subtly orchestrated throughout the evening.

Henry Morgan, who was scheduled to appear, could not be present. Capp thought this no great loss. S.J. Perelman was also absent. The other panelist was Alen "Candid Camera" Funt, who related humorous experiences. The moderator was James A. ("Red Mac") Maclachan, Professor of Law.

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