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University Will Postpone Choice Of Names for Additional Houses

Many Suggestions Heard

By George H. Watson

Although speculation on what to call the new House ranges from the mildly obscene name of a late University president to that of a prominent Chicago meatpacker, the University has purposefully decided to postpone naming the structure at this time.

According to rumors, the University has adopted a wait-and-see attitude which may result in an upset of the traditional method of choosing distinguished individuals for the honor.

For one thing, sooner or later the University may run out of distinguished Harvard presidents, at least deceased ones, and it is felt by some that a living man should not be chosen.

If the University completes its three-House building program within the next decade there will be obvious difficulties in finding suitable persons among presidents.

Some people interested in the matter, therefore, feel that the University may choose to honor a benefactor who would pay for the House, or a considerable portion of it.

Recommend Prominent Alumnus

There are others, however, who believe that even if the president principle is given up, the name should be that of a distinguished alumnus. But there the problem is finding someone who is both closely connected with the University and not too controversial.

Another suggestion which has received support recommends giving up the idea that a House must be named after a person and settling for places, such as Yale has done with some of its colleges.

It has been pointed out that there are a number of towns in Massachusetts which have close connection with Harvard history, although the University, unlike Yale, has not moved around from place to place.

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