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Group's Function Thought Doing 'Errands for Watson'

By Richard N. Levy

For the second meeting in a row, the Student Council found itself plagued by indecision as it engaged in intricate parliamentary maneuvers, and finally adjourned after three and a half hours, passing a motion for an activity loan fund by one vote and approving the constitution of the Motorscooter Club.

The Council agreed to establish a "Dean's discretionary fund" of $500, which would be administered by the deans to aid undergraduate organizations to develop "special and worthwhile projects of a non-political nature." The aid is to be given as a loan, repayable to the fund, and the Council executive committee will be notified of any dispositions.

The loan fund was proposed last week by Carl S. Sloane '58 to remedy the fact that "we've done nothing for the student body since February." He and Merom Brachman '58 wished to assure that no money would be dispensed for "political" activities, although political clubs may draw loans for non-political ventures.

This measure was passed after the Council had decided to negate the plans of the Scholarship Committee, formed last week to determine a use for the money set aside for a scholarship by last year's Council. The Council voted last night to "cease all scholarship activity for this academic year," and a permanent end to such activity was seen in a statement by Thedore Moscowitz '58 that "the people who postponed it for this year would like to see it postponed forever."

This vote was bemoaned by many in the Council, who agreed with William J. Dean '59 that "it is a shame that we are so indecisive." John F. Maher '60 called the cessation of activity "another surrender of responsibility," and asked, "What will be left to us but running errands for Dean Watson?"

Maher pleaded for the Council to accept the loan fund, adding that if it did not, "we're going to have nothing left."

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