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United States Blames Russia's Intervention for Jordanian Crisis; Dulles Explains Budget Needs


WASHINGTON, April 30--The United States, striking back at Russia, today blamed the crisis in Jordan on intervention by Soviet-controlled "international communism."

A spokesman declared that since World War II the Soviet Union "has subjected ten once independent nations to its rule." His implication appeared to be that the Reds have been trying to gain domination of Jordan.

State Department press officer Lincoln White made the charge of foreign intervention at a news conference in response to requests for U.S. government reaction to charges made in Moscow yesterday.

The Soviet Foreign Ministry had declared that the United States was primarily responsible for any "grave consequences" that might arise from the Jordanian crisis.

Dulles Asks Restored Budget

WASHINGTON, April 30--Secretary of State Dulles asked the Senate today to restore about 60 per cent of the $47,331,000 slashed from his budget by the House.

The State Department can absorb $18,103,000 of the cuts, Dulles said, even though the eliminated items represent "highly desirable expenditures."

But unless the balance of $29,228,000 is restored, Dulles told a Senate Appropriations subcommittee, "there would be harm to the nation which, in the opinion of the President and myself, would be real and grievous."

School Aid

WASHINGTON, April 30--Opposition by Sen. Knowland (R-Calif.) and post-ponement of Senate action by Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson (D-Tex.) chilled the chances today that Congress will approve President Eisenhower's school aid program.

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