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BONN, Germany, May1--The civilian chief of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization said today its military planners soon will advise the 15 member nations to equip their forces with nuclear arms.

Britian's Lord Ismay, who quits his post as secretary-general May 14, emphasized at a news conference that no member will be forced to accept this advice.

But it would be "a very dangerous event," he warned, if any important NATO power refused nuclear equipment for its air, and land sea forces.

"Our alliance in terms of sheer numbers could never successfully oppose those of the Soviet Union without the use of nuclear weapons," Ismay said.

Ike Asks Sacrifices

WASHINGTON, May 1--President Eisenhower called today for financial sacrifices in the struggle for peace, and there were signs he might go to the public with direct appeals in behalf of his $71,800,000,000 budget.

Eisenhower made a special plea for his foreign aid policy in an off-the-cuff speech to the National Council of the League of Women Voters.

James C. Hagerty, White House press secretary, told reporters that Eisenhower "feels a great deal of misrepresentation" has been circulated about his budget and "he is going to point it out."

Byrd Urges Changes

WASHINGTON, May 1--Sen. Byrd (D-Va.) recommended today that the Eisenhower administration get a new budget director and cut its spending by eight to nine billion dollars next year.

Byrd, the economy-minded chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, denounced the "squandering" of public money in a speech before the 45th annual meeting of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. He was warmly applauded.

Afterward Byrd told newsmen he was not calling for the resignation of Budget Director Percival F. Brundage--"that's up to the President." But he added: "I think Mr. Brundage has made a failure of his present budget."

The budget calls for the spending of $71,800,000,000 in the 1958 fiscal year, beginning July 1, 1957.

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