Council Votes Against Cliffe Joining Clubs

Group Expresses Fear of Changes

The Student Council last night voted its disapproval of Radcliffe membership in Harvard organizations. It their last meeting of the year, Council members expressed their fear that "the whole structure" of Harvard-Radcliffe relationships would have to be changed.

After rejecting immediate integration, the Council was told by President Larry R. Johnson '58 that he would appoint a committee to investigate the possibility of admitting Radcliffe members to Harvard organizations. Council members believed, however, that there would be "a lot of details" to be worked out before such integration could be realized.

One of these details is the name to be given to organizations which allow Radcliffe members. Johnson felt that such organizations change their name from "Harvard" to "Harvard-Radcliffe." In a poll taken for the Council by Richard P. Zimon '58, a majority of representatives favoring 'Cliffe integration also favored changing their groups' names.

Zimon reported that 36 of 49 responding organizations favored Radcliffe members, but he added that most groups were "indifferent." He implored the Council to "have a stand on the situation," but the move bogged down when such problems as "who's going to be responsible for women stuck in some guy's room at 11:00?," were put forth by Carl S. Sloane '58.

The Council also failed to pass a democratizing change in undergraduate election procedure, proposed by elections Chairman George C. Pontikes '58.