Varsity Golf Team Downs Yale, 4-3, for First Time in 26 Years

In the biggest surprise of the eastern collegiate season, the varsity golf squad overcame an undefeated Yale team, 4 to 3, scoring the first Crimson victory over the Elis in 26 years.

The match was followed by an equally surprising victory for the freshmen.

After the results were in, Crimson Coach Cooney Weiland said, "This is a tremendous boost for golf at Harvard. Next year we'll have some golfers coming here, instead of to Yale."

Deciding Match

The deciding match was won by junior Alan Steinert, who showed outstanding ability to play under pressure. Steinert hit a long approach on the 15th hole, which fell short of the grain, but went on to win the hole. He took the match in 18 holes, one up.

Number five man Warren Iliff played excellent golf for the first time this year, coming through to defeat his Yale opponent, four and three. Iliff entered Stillman Infirmary after the match, with a possible case of German measles.

One of yesterday's best matches was played by senior Jim Bailey. He was one up on the eighteenth, but lost the hole. On the nineteenth, Bailey shot deep into the woods, while his Yale opponent drove onto the fairway. But Bailey tied the hole, and won on the twentieth.

Ornsteen, two down with five to go, won the fourteenth and fifteenth, but lost the next two. He went on to defeat Eli golfer Bob Wilford on the twentieth hole.

Wheeling Loses to Yale Captain

The biggest disappointement to the Crimson squad yesterday afternoon came when number one-man Tom Wheeling lost to Yale Captain Bob Nisselson. Wheeling shot 71, only two over par, but dropped the match when Nisselson shot a fantastic score of 67.

The match proved the biggest thrill of the afternoon, pitting Nisselson, who was last year's State Amateur Champion and former Bermuda Amateurs winner, against Wheeling, who defeated B.C.'s Massachusetts Champion Charley Volpone earlier in the season.

Freshman Results

Another Crimson disappointment was freshman captain Burt Dudding's loss to his Yale opponent. Their scores were 76 and 71. The freshman wins were provided by Ken Elsom, who beat Yale captain Dick Phillips, two and one, Bob David, two and one, and Bill Rose, three and two, Brad Snow played his best golf of the season, defeating John Thomas, two and one