Hoadley Resigns Post As Master of Leverett

Leaves House After 15 Years Service; Successor to Position Not Yet Appointed

Leigh Hoadley, professor of Zoology, has resigned his post as Master of Leverett House, it was learned yesterday.

Hoadley became the second Master of the House in 1941 following the resignation of Kenneth B. Murdock, Francis Lee Higginson Professor of English Literature.

The resignation, first announced in a letter to members of the House staff, was unexpected.

Reached last night in Chocorua, N. H., Hoadley explained that he was five years from retirement age and that "since Leverett is to be rebuilt, it seems wise to leave the pain and pleasure of that job to my successor."

Hoadley was referring to plans for the University's eighth House which will take Mather Hall away from Leverett and replace it with a new building between Grant and Copperthwaite Sts.


The demolition and construction for the new buildings is scheduled to begin this year.

Hoadley denied rumors that he resigned because of dissatisfaction with building plans. He pointed out that the proposals had been advanced several years ago, and that he had favored them.

Commenting on his years as Master, Hoadley stated that he found the Houses very different today from what they were before World War II.

He said in both eras the Houses had their particular strengths, but that at present he considered overcrowding the most serious problem which Houses must face.

The House today is too large to permit personal contact between students and with tutors, Hoadley said. He emphasized, however, that he is "fully convinced of the strength of the House idea."

Dean Bundy expressed regret last night at Hoadley's resignation and said that he hoped a successor could be found before Registration in the fall.

As yet, there is little speculation as to who the new Master might be.

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