Governor to Seek Six Students To Work at Brussels Exhibition

Undergraduates may have an opportunity to spend seven months at the International Exhibition in Brussels at the state's expense, Dean Watson announced yesterday. He said that Governor Foster Furcolo is looking for six qualified students, two men and four women, to represent Massachusetts at the Fair.

Watson urged that all interested Harvard students contact their Senior Tutors immediately, saying that the Administration will "have to move soon on this."

He pointed out that February degree candidates would be the most eligible, although students who wished to take a year's leave of absence would be given equal consideration. Watson said that students would not be given credit for spring term work prior to the April opening of the Exhibition, nor would they be allowed to register after its closing in October.

Radcliffe officials were unavailable for comment on the Annex's part in the program, but Furcolo has appealed to all Massachusetts colleges for their cooperation in finding suitable delegates. The Governor does not require that the students be residents of Massachusetts for more than the school year.