Dulles, Chiang to Meet in Taipei To Proclaim Joint Strait Policy; Atlanta Temple Bombers Indicted

TAIPEI, Formosa--Secretary of State Dulles will fly to Formosa Tuesday for talks with President Chiang Kai-shek.

The Nationalists, who issued the invitation, regard Dulles' trip as notice to Red China that there is no split in U.S.-Nationalist policy for defense in the Formosa area.

Announcements in Taipei and Washington said Dulles will come here in accordance with the two countries' Mutual Defense Treaty, which calls for periodic meetings of the foreign ministers.

The Nationalists have worried about a possible change in U.S. policy ever since Dulles and President Eisenhower criticized the size of Nationalist troop concentrations on Quemoy and Matsu.

Dynamiters Indicted


ATLANTA--Five men were charged Friday with the bombing of Atlanta's Jewish Temple under a law that could bring death sentences.

The five, four of whom were rounded up by police and a large force of FBI agents, were indicted by a grand jury just five days after the Sunday dynamiting of the temple.

Judge Virlyn B. Moore of Fulton Superior Court set a hearing for Oct. 22 to decide whether bail should be granted.

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