Departments Institute CEP Tutorial Plan

The Departments of Economics and History have decided to eliminate compulsory non-Honors junior tutorial, and substitute individual tutorial in the junior year for Honors candidates only.

In addition, all concentrators in both fields will be considered Honors candidates until after a qualifying examination in the spring of their sophomore year.

These reforms were suggested last February in a report of the Committee on Educational Policy.

"By making these changes, we hope to enrich our tutorial program," said Seymour E. Harris '20, chairman of the Department of Economics, yesterday. "Honors students will receive more careful, personal attention," he added.

To insure this careful attention, both the Economics and the History Department are using fewer teaching fellows and more instructors as tutors than previously.

Many full professors will act as tutors for seniors, giving aid on thesis topic choice and research problems. Harris, for example, will work with four undergraduate tutorial groups.

Sophomore Group Tutorial

Each sophomore concentrating in either department will attend a group tutorial, covering the major concepts of the field. History majors, for instance, will study the classical historians and various philosophers of history.

In May of their sophomore year, all concentrators will take an essay examination to determine the students qualified to continue Honors work. Those passing this test will work in individual Honors tutorial in their junior and senior years.

"With this new program, we seek to promote individual endeavor on the part of our concentrators," Myron P. Gilmore, chairman of the Department of History, said yesterday.