Concert Nets Over $1,000; More Needed

Although the Band received $1,000 in receipts from the Dartmouth Concert last Friday evening, it still needs $4,000 to replace the music destroyed in the Varsity Club fire three weeks ago.

George L. Kirklin '59, manager of the Band, pointed out that "of the $10,000 representing our total loss in music, we need to raise at least $4,000 in the next three months if the Band is to continue to function."

Since the bulk of the earnings from the concert must help pay for transportation costs to away football games, the Band will try to raise additional funds by giving more concerts later in the year and by asking Band alumni to contribute money.

Kirklin hopes to raise another $1,000 through the "Music Replacement Fund" in the Combined Charities Drive. Last Monday the Student Council voted 7-6 to place the Band on the list of five recommended groups in the drive. Kirklin, in supporting the Band's participation in the drive, pointed out that the Band gave 10 charity performances last year and is planning even more in the future.

D. Dwight Dogherty '59, who attacked the move to place the Band on the recommended list of the Combined Charities Drive at the Student Council meeting last Monday, felt that although "the Band is a worthy cause, it doesn't fit into the general character of the organizations in Combined Charities."

Since the Band is not a charity, Dogherty reasoned, the Student Council would set a bad precedent by placing it on the drive. Even though his views didn't prevail, Dogherty will support the Band's drive for funds.

Band members have expressed a desire to acquire funds by means of appearances on television, variety, or music shows, but current University policy does not allow Harvard organizations to do this.