Harvard Downs Tufts, 6-0

A spirited varsity soccer team ran all over Tufts yesterday to score a convincing 6-0 victory. Roger Tuckerman and Jon Himmelhoch led the scoring with two goals apiece while Tom Blodgett and Kay Khan each had a tally.

The win was especially satisfying for varsity coach Bruce Munro as it was achieved with two of the Crimson's regular forwards, John Mudd and John Hedreen, sidelined with injuries. Their replacements Keith Lowe and Al Butzel performed very well and by Saturday, Munro should have ample depth in his line.

Tufts was really never able to mount much of an offense and the two Crimson goalies Tom Bagnoli and Bob Forbush passed a quiet afternoon. With the exception of a flurry or two in the final periods, the Jumbos were on the defensive for the whole game.

The Crimson halfbacks and fullbacks fed their forwards consistently while tying up the Tufts attack. Varsity center half Bill Rapp played an exceptionally strong game as did his two wing halves, Charlie Steele and Marsh McCall.

Offensive Play Good

The varsity's offensive play was perhaps the most encouraging part of the game. The forwards worked very well together and while at times their passing left something to be desired, they continually pressed the attack and kept the Tufts defense in a state of turmoil. Tuckerman's first goal was scored on a fine angle shot and the second on a penalty kick that hit the crossbar and bounded in. He also assisted Himmelhoch on both of his goals.

Crimson outside left Larry Ekpebu excited the crowd, if not the Tufts fullbacks, with his deft dribbling while Khan also played a good game and delighted the numerous photographers by scoring a fine goal on a rebound. The last varsity goal came late in the final period.