Measures Taken To Thwart KKK

The University Administration and the Cambridge police have completed plans to put into effect "massive security measures" against the possible appearance of Radcliffe cheerleaders in the Stadium tomorrow, or at the "pep rally" this evening.

As for the game on Saturday, the Dean's Office has already foiled one plan for getting "Kampus Kuties" onto the field by forbidding the Band to have anything to do with the affair.

The Kuties, however, are not giving up the fight. Interviewed at their training hideout deep in the Green Mountains, their chaperone and captain stated that "the Kirkland House Arson and General Hooraw Society has offered to protect us with a squad of Pinkerton men, and besides, can't you see what would happen if some cops tried to arrest us right there in the middle of the Stadium? Gentlemen, we have faith that if such an outrage was threatened, Harvard undergraduates would not sit idly by."

"We are aware of the great responsibility incumbent upon us," she said. "We have been working all week on a new routine we call 'The Harvard Strut.' It's a real gasser."