Tutorial Modifications Proposed for Radcliffe

A system of non-resident tutors with offices in the Radcliffe Quadrangle was advocated by the head tutors of several Departments yesterday. The possibility is one that will be considered by the new Radcliffe Committee on Tutorial.

John M. Bullitt '43, head tutor of the English Department, said that a system of Radcliffe tutors with offices in the Quadrangle would "add responsibility to the Radcliffe community which it at present perhaps lacks." He felt that such additions would initiate an "intellectual atmosphere within Radcliffe's own boundaries."

If Harvard continues in its present policy of making tutorial more House-centered, these innovations might become essential, Bullitt commented.

By having tutors as a part of the life of a residence hall, "a certain contact and understanding between student and tutor becomes possible that is not available in the general context of the University," Edward P. Morris, head tutor of the Romance Languages Department, said. He added that this relationship is "the substance of the tutorial system."

Another major problem facing the new committee is the composition of tutorial groups. Stanley H. Hoffman, head tutor in the Government Department, said that that department has "informally changed" its organization of tutorial.

There are a number of mixed Sophomore sessions meeting in Harvard Houses this year. In the past, tutorial was held separately for Harvard and Radcliffe students in Government.

A similar movement took place in the Social Relations Department a few years ago, Thomas F. Pettigrew, head tutor in that department noted. Mixed Sophomore tutorial groups meeting in the Houses were instigated "not as a conscious policy of the Department, but because both boys and girls wanted it."

Although there are not many mixed Sophomore groups this year, Pettigrew said a straw poll taken among Harvard Sophomores indicated a willingness to include girls in House tutorial sessions.