Munro Will Replace Leighton Monday

The final act of Delmar Leighton '19 as Dean of Harvard College was to empty his top drawer, so that John U. Munro '34, Director of Financial Aid, "will have a place to put his things." Munro will take over as Dean Monday when Leighton becomes Master of Dudley House.

Announced in early September, the change reflects a desire on the part of the Administration to see an older, more experienced man as Master of Dudley House in an attempt to see it reach the stature of an eighth House.

Since its inception, the commuters' center has presented a rather serious problem because of widespread feeling among students who live at home that they are isolated from the rest of the University. Leighton has expressed his conviction that in some cases commuters are better off than "students who live in the maelstrom of daily Harvard life."

He has often termed Dudley "a community comparable to, but different from the other houses," and emphasized that one of his first acts as new Master will be "to review the ways we can best use Dudley's resources."

Leighton has served as Dean of Harvard Gollege since 1952. He has seen A Program for Harvard College pass $50 million, has served under two Presidents, Conant and Pusey, and has dealt with the first group of seniors to "live out" of the University since the beginning of the House system.

When he graduated from Business School of 1922, Leighton intended to start work with a textile firm. But the mill moved south and he took a temporary job in the Dean's Office. The "temporary" job lasted for more than 30 years, as he served first as Dean of Juniors and Seniors and then for 20 years as Dean of Freshmen.

Munro has been Director of Financial Aid since 1952.