NROTC May Add, Replace Two Courses

Proposes Soc Rel, Psychology Classes

Two major changes in the Naval Science curriculum are being considered to strengthen both the enrollment and the training being offered by the University's Naval ROTC.

If the Faculty approves the new program, midshipmen will take a half-course in psychology or social relations as preparation for their senior work in Naval Leadership Training, and will be allowed, to replace one full course in naval history with History 168 (Oceanic History and Affairs). The revisions presumably will apply to members of the present Freshman class.

"The Secretary of the Navy intends the college-taught psychology course to strengthen the officers' leadership ability," Captain Richard T. Spofford, professor of Naval Science, explained. "Our problem is to choose the right course, and this is difficult because the University offers little in the way of applied psychology."

Robert W. White '25, chairman of the Social Relations Department, stated last night that the full course in Human Relations is "best suited," but pointed out that the Navy curriculum calls for a half course. "It is quite possible that a new course may be offered if we can't find one that fits the requirements," he added.

The other possible revision might allow midshipmen to take the regular History Department offering given by Robert G. Albion, Gardiner Professor of Oceanic History and Affairs, for Naval History credit. This would do away with the one-course overload which, according to Spofford, is one factor cutting down Naval ROTC enrollment.