Drive Meets Good Response

The Combined Charities drive is running well ahead of the rate necessary to reach the proposed goal of $12,000. Through yesterday, with one full day's collection tallied, the official figures of co-chairman David Hurwitt '60 showed a total of $2,882.86. This figure was raised from a total of 837 students contacted, placing the average donation at approximately $3.40.

Dunster has the highest per capita donation with $4.80, and Winthrop has the lowest at $2.20. Eliot with a total of $484.50 leads in the competition for the $20 gift in phonograph records offered by the Coop to the House with the highest total.

According to an unofficial estimate by co-chairman Peter J. Solomon '60, PBH and the emergency fund for the Band are the leading specified charities. However, more than half of the gifts have not been tabbed for specific allocation.

Hurwitt indicated last night that the drive will be successful if all students are contacted and the present rate of giving continues.

At 1 a.m. last night Hurwitt indicated that Tuesday contributions would probably total $2000, bringing the drive to approximately $5000, or 40 per cent of the final goal.