Bladesmen Meet Eli Squad Today

Crimson fencers will meet Yale today for their last Ivy League match of the season. With both teams having a 1-3 record, the outcome of the meet will decide which team will occupy the League cellar.

Starting in foil for Harvard will be Peter Boyce, Mike Klapper, and Bill Trebilcock. They will face a serious double threat in John Norton and Peter Pohly of Yale, both left-handers and both excellent foilmen. Norton, ranked fourth in NCAA standings last year, and Pohly is a foilman turned sabreman turned foilman.

In sabre, Mitch Thomas, Doug Runnels, and Manuel Cabral will start for the Crimson. Mike Woolf, who fenced well last week against Pennsylvania, will be held in reserve.

The Bulldogs lost to Princeton 6-3, and will probably find the Harvard sabre squad their most challenging weapon.

Tony Enders, top-seeded Crimson epeeman, is still sick and will be unable to start today. Coach Edo Marion will instead use sophomore Jim Roberts.

Bruce Parker and Dave Schwartz, who have gained much experience this season, will also fence epee for Harvard. Dick Johnson, a regular foil fencer, will be in reserve.

Yale has ben defeated by Harvard for the past two years running in epee. This year, however, the epee match will probably be closely fought. Yale lost to Princeton in that weapon 6-3, and the Tigers shut out the Crimson, 9-0. Henry Powell, top Bulldog epee man, is the most serious threat to the Harvard squad.