Master Predicts Growth in House Section Program

There should be "a fairly steady increase" in the number of House sections in the next few years, David E. Owen, Master of Winthrop House, said yesterday. He added that Winthrop would probably expand its program next year, to include more than the Economics 1 class which is taught there now.

Owen stated that the experiment "worked out very well," and that the students involved had registered no complaints. He said that one of the great advantages of holding section meetings in the Houses is to give students the opportunity to discuss the course after leaving the classroom.

Kirkland House may start its own House section program next year, according to Master Charles H. Taylor. He indicated that Government 1, Economics 1, and Social Sciences 1 are under consideration for Kirkland sections. He added, however, that the chances for initiation of the program by Fall were "less than 50 percent."

Taylor noted that, in a survey of opinion conducted by one Kirkland tutor, several students had expressed misgivings about the program. The main objections were that students might lose the benefit of having a separate tutor and section man, and would become isolated from students in different Houses.