Tea, Concert Highlight Spring Weekend

At the end of this week, the Houses will be able to function as small New England colleges, fraternity houses, and the other collegiate socal units, instead of intellectual centers. The All-College Spring Weekend will begin on Friday evening and will continue as a three-day, semi-formal party.

Leverett so far has been the only House to decide upon a definite theme for its All-College events, and has called its weekend "Paris in the Spring." The House will become Paris on Friday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. at the opening of the Art Exhibition and Sherry in the House dining room.

Retains Dignity

Leverett will retain some quality of dignity and will close its Weekend on Sunday with a Demi-tasse from 1-2:30 p.m. and a Music Society concert recital by soprano Gladys Barrot-Milk in the evening. Leverett is also sponsoring dances on Friday and Saturday nights.

It has been pointed out that Leverett House had planned a dance-cruise on a converted naval destroyer, but found that "its facilities were inadequate."

Leverett's activities contrast somewhat with the plans of the other houses. Winthrop for instance, advertises "Dancing (ETC!) in Courtyard" for Friday and a "Moonlight Dance (and Romance) Cruise" on Saturday evening. The Winthrop House Committee states that dress for the cruise will be "very informal: Bermudas, chinos or less if you can escape the police." They add, however, that "those who miss the boat will miss the boat."

Perhaps those left behind may prefer to spend an evening at one of the three House beach parties. Kirkland House is "featuring sand, surf, campfires and conviviality, cheer, and informal singing and guitar playing." Dunster will build "one large fire for those who do not wish to have their own somewhere on the great expanse of beach."

Traditional Dances Planned

Many of the Saturday night dances will be given in their traditional forms again this year. Lowell has added a picnic supper with "top-quality hamburgers" to their Courtyard Dance fare; there will be a Kirkland "Mississippi Showboat" and a Dunster "Masquerade Dance." The Dunster committee has promised that "prizes will be given for the best costumes and the least-dressed girl."

Significantly, Eliot House is planning only a folk song concert on Friday night and a Spring Formal the next evening. Eliot has also indicated that parietal hours will be extended. A member of the House staff called this Eliot House decision "Britannia Waives the Rules."