Faculty Will Consider CEP Proposals Today

Will Probably Pass Changes in Tutorial

The proposals of the Committee on Educational Policy for changes in the tutorial system will probably be passed in today's faculty meeting.

Although spokesmen in each of the Departments concerned reported varied opinions, sentiment is predominantly favorable. Otto Eckstein, Assistant Professor of Economics, said that "the over-whelming opinion in the Economics Department is in favor of the CEP proposals."

Myron P. Gilmore, chairman of the History Department, reported that "there is no doubt that a majority of the members of the Department of History are in favor of the CEP proposals."

The likelihood of a favorable reception of the proposals by the Social Relations Department has been increased by a few minor changes in the proposals, Robert W. White, Chairman of the Department of Social Relations said yesterday. White explained that his department did not have "very great unanimity" when the proposals were first introduced, but that "a number of objections we raised have been met."

The proposals, which include graded tutorial and examinations for the honors candidate at the end of each of his three upperclass years, will probably be supported by most of the Government Department. Samuel H. Beer, Chairman of the Department of Government, said that "the Government Department has always favored a strong tutorial system."

Stanley H. Hoffman, Henry LaBarre Jayne Assistant Professor of Government, stated that "the real debate will begin in the next stage, when proposals are implemented."

Some Faculty members pointed out that the proposals will have little effect on their departments. Gilmore stated that the major changes that would result in the History Department include the addition of Junior tutorial for credit and a test at the end of the Sophomore year.