Officials Bar Plans to Alter Dining Hours

Various officials of the dining hall department have considered the proposal that some of the dining halls be closed down on Saturdays and Sundays, according to a report made by D. Dwight Dogherty '59 to the Student Council last night.

The idea, however, was rejected, due to the difficulties that would result from a flood of students taking their meals at various places around the Square. Dogherty said there were still "possibilities" that such action might be taken.

In his report to the Council, Dogherty said that it was possible that board charges for the College might rise next year. According to Lewis G. Wiggins, Comptroller of the University, employees' wages have risen, food costs have risen, and "chances are that board will go up again." The dining halls ran a $22,500 deficit last year, he noted.

Dogherty, head of the Council's committee to investigate the operations of the dining halls, reported that Edgar Lane, the new assistant manager of the Dining Halls, welcomed the investigation, terming it "a worthwhile service," and recommended that such an investigation be carried on by the Student Council on an annual basis.

The Harvard Student Agencies is considering a request by the Council that a Council member be allowed to sit with the HSA Board of Directors as a nonvoting member. Originally, the Council had asked that its representative be a voting member of the HSA, but the agency had not reached any conclusion on that request.