Police Identify Owners of Cars Not Registered

State registration information has yielded the names of more than 100 violators of the University regulation requiring all car-owning students to display a Harvard registration sticker on their windshields, according to Matthew J. Toohy, captain of the University Police.

Toohy speculated that some students may be removing stickers to avoid being tagged in the current drive against student parking. He emphasized that University police have been recording the license numbers of all cars parked in the restricted area, and sending the numbers to the respective state registries for identification.

In addition to the $25 fine for failure to display a registration sticker, many of these violators will incur fines for several nights of illegal parking.

Under the trial alternate side parking plan for Cambridge residents, parking is allowed during May on odd-numbered sides of two-way streets, as well as right hand sides of one way streets.