Berle Will Give '58 PBK Speech

Adolph A. Berle, Jr. '13, will deliver this year's Phi Beta Kappa Address. The annual Literary Exercises to be held at 11 a.m. Monday, June 9, in Sanders Theater, will also feature William Alfred, assistant professor of English, as Poet.

Also, in addition to the annual symposium on "Harvard 25 Years Later," on Monday afternoon, June 9, there will be a series of three concurrent public forums on June 11.

These include "The Soviet Union Today," with Merle Fainsod, professor of Government; Alex Inkeles, professor of Sociology; Zbigniew K. Brzezinski, assistant professor of Government. The second, "Space Travel Is Just Around the Corner," will be given by Donald H. Menzel, Paine Professor of Practical Astronomy.

"Humanities in the Age of Science" will be fought over by J.N. Douglas Bush, Gurney Professor of English Literature; John H. Finley, Jr. '25, Eliot Professor of Greek Literature; and Perry G.E. Miller, professor of American Literature.