Crew of 'Golden Rule' Plans Second Voyage Into Bomb Test Area

The crew of the ketch "Golden Rule" will attempt a second voyage from Honolulu into the Eniwetok testing grounds tomorrow, as a further protest against continuing nuclear tests. This announcement was made Sunday in Washington, D.C., by William R. Huntington '28, who addressed the 200 "Peace Walkers" who gathered in Washington over the weekend.

The second cruise will be headed as before by Albert Bigelow '29. Huntington is staying behind to recruit three additional crew members for a possible third voyage. James Peck of New York is replacing Huntington.

The crew first attempted to sail into the nuclear testing zone on May 1, in spite of a federal injunction. The ketch was halted by the Coast Guard two miles out from Honolulu, and was towed back to port.

The crew members of the first voyage were convicted of criminal contempt of court. They are now on parole, and are attempting to appeal the case. It is probable that another injunction will be passed against the second voyage.