Occupants of Cooperative House Find Communal Living Pleasant

Students Cook as Well as Clean

The College's first venture in cooperative housing has become an astounding success, according to the undergraduates participating in the plan.

The Cooperative House, located at 3 Sacramento St., provides room and board for 32 men, including two tutors and students from all four undergraduate classes. The students do all the maintenance work, including the cooking, while the tutors handle finances for the group.

Non-resident undergraduates have gained "something more than commuting status" through cooperative work, the students stated. Because of joint work, operating costs have been reduced to a minimum. Room expenses run about $220 a year, and board fees, although not yet ascertained, will be equally economical.

In addition to the lowered costs, members of the cooperative feel they have the added advantage of living where "everyone knows everyone." Louis P. Geoffrion '60 commented "the communal atmosphere is terrific."

Although 3 Sacramento St. is a former dormitory of Sargent College, the building has retained the appearance of a Cambridge home, and the residents feel they have managed to catch the spirit of home life. They were especially enthusiastic about the food, which David G. Mackie '59 termed "as good as home, if not better."

Each student spends two hours daily for one week every five weeks for cooking. In addition, each resident has a specific job, which is changed weekly.

No members complained about the distance from the Yard, which is seven minutes distant by foot, three minutes away by bicycle.