Radcliffe Policy Curtails Annual Room Changing

Radcliffe students will no longer have the opportunity for large-scale room and dormitory changes each year. Nor will they be able to store their belongings at the college over the summer.

The Administration issued the following new rules in this fall's edition of the Radcliffe student handbook:

1. There will be no wholesale room drawings and moving for the academic year 1959-60.

2. A $10 fee will be charged each student who moves at will, either within or between dormitories, unless the move is made because of proved financial need for cheaper accomodations.

3. No fee will be charged for a move made at the College's convenience or request.

4. The College will no longer be able to store over the summer students' personal belongings; therefore, students will either take everything home with them or arrange for storage by a local commercial company."

Towards House System

It is believed that the restrictions on moving are intended, in part, to establish a continuity in the resident body of each on-campus dormitory--a change which would make the dorms more like the House system. The immense administrative work involved in mass room-changing is probably another reason for its abolition.

Nancy L. Proger '59, president of the Student Government Association, said that the Student Council plans to discuss the new rules and may propose that changes within dormitories be handled differently from moves between dorms.