HLU Hits Oath

The Harvard-Radcliffe Liberal Union voted unanimously last night to send petitions to Senators John F. Kennedy '40 and Joseph S. Clark '23, urging them to continue their work for the repeal of the NDEA loyalty affidavits.

The petitions will be circulated among Harvard and Radcliffe students; copies may be sent to other colleges to secure further signatures. After brief discussion, the organization approved, with one dissenting vote, a motion to commend the University's action in freezing NDEA loan funds until the controversial loyalty oath has been removed.

At its initial meeting of the year the Liberal Union also heard a talk by Thomas A. Sullivan, Boston City Council candidate, who discussed the role of the Americans for Democratic Action in local politics. After his speech, the group voted to endorse Sullivan's candidacy, and members pledged to work on his behalf.

Upon hearing a report on the National Student Association convention this summer, the HRLU decided to delay a vote on a motion urging that the University rejoin the NSA.