Yardling Eleven Meets B.C.

The freshman football squad will play its second game of the season against a highly-rated B.C. team this afternoon in the Stadium. Flushed with a 21-6 victory over a tough Holy Cross squad last Sunday, the Eagles are reputed to have one of their best teams in recent years.

B.C. may outweigh the Crimson by as muc has 30 pounds a man, but Harvard will probably have an advantage in speed. Last Saturday in the Yardlings' 38-20 win over Tufts, for example, Hobie Armstrong at left half ran back two punts, both for touchdowns, and carried a pass 30 yards for a third tally. Chuck Taylor at right half also ran well; and Bill Hatch, playing second-string right half, scored a touchdown from the 20-yard line.

Passing Appears Good

In the Tufts game the Yardlings completed four out of five passes, as Terry Bartolet at quarterback showed ability in the air attack. The freshmen may do well again today by passing, especially if the blockers can hold the heavy B.C. linemen. At fullback, Charlie Stucky played a good defensive game against Tufts last week.

B.C. has been practicing since Sept. 1, while Harvard has had only about two weeks of preparation, so today's game should be a real test for the Yardlings. Henry Lamar, freshman coach, said that a win today would mean that the Crimson freshman team is probably well-prepared for Ivy League competition, which starts on Oct. 24 with an away game against Dartmouth.

Team Hustles This Year

A loss, on the other hand, might foretell a tough season of uphill going, he said. But the team is really hustling this year, he added, and B.C. can expect spirited opposition.

The starting line for the Yardlings today will be Ron Bonebreak, left end, Dick Diehl, left tackle, Walter Kelly, left guard, and Bart Francis, center. The right guard is Steve Shullman; right tackle, Mike Auer; and right end, Bob Kicnchloe.

Since the team will not elect a captain until Monday. Bartolet, who was acting captain for the Tufts game, will direct the squad again today.

Today's encounter is the first of two home games scheduled for the Crimson freshmen, the other being the Princeton game on Nov. 6. Admission to today's gam at Soldiers Field is $1 for adults and $.50 for children.