General Marshall Dies, Aged 78; CBS Takes Quiz Shows Off Air; Labor Party's Unity Threatened

WASHINGTON, Oct. 16--George Catlett Marshall, who helped lead U.S. arms to victory in World War II and fathered the cold war Marshall Plan, died Friday after a long illness. He was 78.

Death came to Marshall at Walter Reed Army Hospital, where he had been under care since last March 11. There was no immediate word on cause of death, but the soldier-statesman had been seriously ill since suffering a stroke at his winter home in Pinehurst, N.C., last Jan. 15.

CBS Eliminates Quiz Shows

NEW ORLEANS, La., Oct. 16--President Frank Stanton of the Columbia Broadcasting System, announced Friday all big-money quiz shows will be eliminated from his television network. He said the quiz show scandal has given all broadcasting a black eye.

The National Broadcasting Co. had no immediate comment on CBS' action. The American Broadcasting Co. said it was not affected, since it has no big-money shows in that category.

Labor Party Split Sharpens

LONDON, Oct. 16--Right-wingers have urged Britain's Labor party to doff its cloth cap and blue denims, forget about nationalization, and become the party of all the people.

But the party's militant left-wingers demanded a return to all-out socialism and a reaffirmation of faith in nationalization as "a means to advance Britain's future."

This was the essence of a party split that suddenly sharpened one week after British voters handed the Labor party a shattering defeat in the national elections.

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