Economics 1 Keeps Place on List As Most Popular Elective Course

Hum 5, Math 1 Follow

Economics I has retained its title as the University's most popular elective course for the sixth consecutive year, edging out second-place Humanities 5 by an enrollment margin of ten.

Absent from the top ten courses for 1959 is Government 1a. Ranked eighth a year ago, Gov. 1 has dropped to thirteenth this fall.

Ec 1's total of 547 students, its lowest in the past eight years, puts it ahead of Mathematics 1a, the third most popular course. Fourth and fifth are English 126a, a course on Shakespeare, and Social Sciences 1.

Except for English 126a, these courses all made the top ten in 1958. But third place a year ago went to English 124, also a Shakespearean course. Humanities 2, second last year and top-ranked in 1953, was not offered this fall.

Chemistry 1 and English 7 (American Literature from the Beginning to the Present) also failed to retain their positions in the top ten. Listed seventh and ninth a year ago, they have slipped to twelfth and sixteenth.

The top ten elective courses for 1959 and their enrollments are Ec 7, 547; Hum 5, 537; Math 1a, 531; English 126a, 430; Soc Sci 1, 401; English 170b, 372; Math 20a, 316; Hum 6, 314; Soc Sci 4, 310; and Soc Sci 2, 307.