Students View Policy In Eastern Europe

Four hundred college students at a conference on the East European problem Sunday endorsed a resolution to "change and accelerate" American policy towards Russia and its satellites.

Sponsored by the International Relations Club, the three-day New York session drew delegates from colleges and universities in the mid-Atlantic and New England states.

According to Michael F. Rosenblum '62, who represented the United Nations Council, four committees of approximately 100 delegates each discussed the military, political, economic, and cultural aspects of United States relations with Europe.

The committee on cultural exchange, which included Rosenblum, proposed that America vigorously encourage an exchange of people from all social strata, not just students and politicians, to emphasize the essential similarities of the two national groups and to dispel distrust of their superficial differences.

Augmenting Radio Free Europe broadcasts with American classical music and sending a cross-section of American literature behind the Iron Curtain were other suggestions made by the group.


The congress closed with resolutions to supplement American economic aid and to encourage the exchange of cultural exhibits between the two national blocs.